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Last Updated: 8 November 2007


1 September 2007

Setting off early in the morning we head to Amsterdam, the city known for it's "Shopping"

A windmill in Holland.
I expected to see more like this, but most of the windmills I saw were the same type you can see in California.

My first real view of Amsterdam

Our first stop on the tour, and they even have a band waiting for us.  I didn't even know they knew I was coming.

I've seen a lot of graffiti in my travels, some good and some bad, but the message written here just caught my eye.

I'm not saying there weren't a number of cars on the roads, but the number of parked bikes everywhere sure does take up less room than the same number of parked cars.


It's not exactly the same, but very similiar in style to the car I had back in 1976.


Ok.  So maybe the parking wasn't free.
As we were coming back from the boat tour Stef started stressing about not paying any parking.  So we went to check on the car, and sure enough... Da Boot.

If there was a positive point to be made here it would be that he wasn't the only one to get one.

The Redlight District.  It was actually right around the corner from where we parked....enough said.