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Asheville Area Fall Leaves

We actually went junking at the Antique Tobacco Barn, in Asheville, and it was the end of the day when we took these shots.


A couple of shots of French Broad River as we got off the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way back to the hotel that evening.

Sometimes, we just need to take a closer look at things.  It's easy to get lost trying to get the big picture, but if we stop and take a really close look we might find there is a whole world right in front of us that we never even see.


On Sunday, we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway to get these shots.

These pictures are along the Blue Ridge Parkway as well.  I separated them, because they were taken at specific overlook points along the road.  These were taken at Tambark Ridge Overlook.  The tunnel picture was on the road as we were coming up to the overlook.

The Lane Pinnacle Overlook.

Getting off the Blue Ridge Parkway, we drove down along Highway 9, to get to Chimney Rock.

Unfortunately, it was late in the day when we finally arrived at Chimney Rock, and the park was about to close, so we opted to walk the town, and I took a few shots of Chimney Rock from the back side of the town.

The Broad River runs behind the town between it and Chimney Rock.  I walked along the river a short way, and took several pictures of it.

Leaving Chimney Rock, I took a few pictures of Lake Lure.


And we passed a covered bridge.  I couldn't resist stopping for a couple of pictures.