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Last Updated: 28 May 2006

Bangalore - 19 - 27 May 2006

My introduction to Bangalore was the Airport. It wasn't quite what I expected it to be. Going down an escalator toward the baggage section we had to stand in a long unorganized queue to get through some doors. It wasn't until we got through that I realized we had to have our carry-ons checked like you do when you first go through security to get into an airport. After that we stood around waiting for our bags for the longest time, only to discover that someone had pulled them off the belt while we were waiting on the opposite side.

Since it was midnight it wasn't until the next morning that I really was able to look around the hotel. The following are pictures from my hotel room.


Since I was able to finish setting up the lab on Friday, I was able to play tourist with my manager on Saturday. The following are pictures during the taxi ride to the first place we were going to see.

The following are from the tour of the Botanical Gardens.

The streets of Bangalore are very interesting as well. It really makes me appreciate the things that I have when I see a country as poor as this.

The Bangalore Palace was another interesting place to see. They are very protective of pictures being taken of the place. In fact, as I was taking the first picture outside the palace a guard was fussing at me that I can't take pictures until I pay to take them. You have to go inside get a ticket to tour the place, get a ticket to take pictures, and a tour guide will show you around. At the end of the tour you will be expected to pay him a tip. He'll even stand in front of you until you fork it over.