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Last Updated: 01 April 2008

Bangalore - February 2008

Welcome back to Bangalore

15 February 2008

17 February 2008

18 February 2008

19 February 2008

20 February 2008

21 February 2008

22 February 2008

23 February 2008

I had to walk off the street to take these pictures, and was approached by a couple of guys that looked like they wanted to throw me out of the place.  I pointed to my camera and asked if I could take some pictures.  They didn't look entirely friendly about it, but gave me an indication that I took to be agreement.
After taking a few pictures, I showed them what I was taking, and they got very excited, and called a few of their friends over to look as well.  By the end of it all, they were all smiling and waved to me as I thanked them and left.


24 February 2008


The Search for the Saree


26 February 2008
Going home from work, I managed to get a picture of a bus with people hanging out of it.

28 February 2008
At the airport wasting time waiting for my flight to Dubai.

This is actually in Pune, where I had fun trying to get booked on the flight.
- It started off with my bag being overweight. I'm not sure how that happened since it was fine in Bangalore.
- Then I misplaced my passport in the confusion at the desk.
- I had to go get a new ticket with the added expense for the overage. Unfortunately, I didn't have any currency left.
- I tried to use my AMEX, but they said they didn't take it. I pointed to the card reader that said American Express on the side, so they ended up taking it.

24 March 2008
No pictures on this date.  I'm making this entry because this past Friday I saw an accident where a man on a motorbike was killed.  It was the first accident I've seen since I've been here, and it affected me more than I'd expected.
The next two days, I didn't even leave my hotel room.  On the way to work this morning, I saw a sign in front of a police station that said there were over 700 accident deaths a year in Bangalore.  That's nearly 2 people killed a day.
I admit that I used to chuckle at how they drive here, since I wasn't aware of the statistics and hadn't seen any accidents, but I can assure you that is no more.  I did some web searches tonight, and found this link. While it was first posted in 2004, I can attest to the fact that it is dead on and there are no exaggerations.

Survival Tips for Living in Bangalore

30 March 3008
I've moved the Safari Trip pictures to a separate page.

Bannerghatta Biological Park