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Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains, Au - (7-8 January 2006)

Saturday was rainy and cool for the most part,

We drove by The Three Sisters, but the mist (fog) was so bad that you couldn't see a thing so we didn't bother.

Instead we walked the streets and looked through several stores in Katoomba, and Leura. It was actually interesting to see some of the same shops that we'd been to almost 3 years ago now.

We didn't necessarily want to follow the same track we had before, so we continued to drive West on the M4. Driving through Bathurst, and as far West as Cowra. While I was interested in staying there, we arrived late, and everything was closed. Since it was Saturday night, and we had no clue what Sunday would bring we decided to drive back to Bathurst to look for a hotel there.

The next time we make the trek, we're going to have to allow more time for Cowra. It really looked interesting and I'm disappointed that we didn't have more time there.

I stopped to take a few pictures in the Central Tablelands and was able to get a few pictures of the many Galah's and Sulfer Crested Cockatoo's that were in huge numbers the closer we got to Cowra.

The next day on our drive back toward Sydney, in Lithgow, we stopped at Hassan's Wall and got a few great pictures there.