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Blue Mountains
Last Updated: 30 January 2007

Blue Mountains, Au - (27 January 2007)

Did the traditional tour of the Three Sisters with the walk down the Giant Staircase, and along the trail back to the railcar. I had never been to Wentworth Falls, so I wanted to add that to this trip. Wow, I really want to go back there, and do more of the trails. I'll have to do that when the weather gets a bit cooler this fall.

The Three Sisters, Giant Stairway, to Scenic World
Govett's Leap
Evans Lookout and Grand Canyon
Wentworth Falls Lookout, Jamison Lookout, Princess Rock Lookout, and Walk Under the Cliff
I walked off the trail down to the edge to get a better view of the falls. The following picture with my shoe is intended to show how close the edge is, and how high I was actually up.
Fletcher's Lookout.
This is at the end of the Cliff Walk and had the most spectacular view of the falls.