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Last Updated: 04 October 2007

Brussels - August 2007

11 August 2007

The Duvel Bike Tour.  51Km (31.7 miles)

It's not exactly what I thought it was going to be.
Let me start with what I was expecting.  My son had told me about Mike's Bike Tours in Germany where they were given a bike and expected to go to drink one beer at every pub on the route.  The overall goal was to see how far you could actually make it.

With this thought in mind, I left my camera expecting that it would be safer, because trying to manage a camera while falling off a bike didn't seem to be a good idea.  Little did I know.

After the first 10km, and not stopping for the first drink I should wised up that this was going to be a bit different, but no, we hadn't made it to the actual tour yet so I felt completely confident that things were going to change.

It wasn't too much further from the draw bridge, that we finally made the first stop.  Still being in great sprits, and not having breakfast yet I ordered an omelet. Of course the Duvel was all part of the trip.  While they checked the map to make sure we stayed on the route, I was asked if I wanted another Duvel.  Of course I wanted to pace myself, so I obviously declined.  Little did I know.

Going down a small path, we came across a hedgehog walking along, and he was kind enough to pose for Stef to take his picture.

Just a couple of pictures of me to prove that I really was on the trip.  I'm still in great spirits as we start again from taking the pictures of the hedgehog.

Ok, so now our 2nd stop.  At this point I was getting a bit suspicious since we'd traveled quite a distance.  My mouth was pasty, and I was ready for a drink.  Forget the beer at this point, I wanted water, but when checking the map, it was decided that the Brewery wasn't that much further so we'd just go on, and get something there.
So off we ride again.

We have finally made it to the Brewery.  Finally, something to drink....or so I thought.

As it turns out there is a 100Km walk that started the night before, and everything had stayed open for them, so now everything, and I mean literally everything was closed.
Off we ride again.  At the next point it turns out that the pub was closed down, so we had to go a bit further for something to drink.

By the time that we were finally able to stop, I ordered 2 waters before even thinking of a Duvel.  In fact by this point I'd forgotten all about the pictures.

After this stop, somewhere along the way I can't say exactly where. Things are a bit fuzzy at this point, I found out that Erik had a dinner he had to get to, so we had to hurry things along.  Not that we were going terribly fast, but I got the impression that this became a trip (or maybe that's what it originally was,) to see how long it would take to kill an American on a bike.  It seemed that Stef's legs didn't know how to quit peddling, and I mean even down hill.  One of the things I'd learned in bootcamp is that your body can take more than you think it can.  I must have been much younger and my body was able to stand more pain, or I'd pushed my body as far as it was going to go.  My knees felt like they were on fire.  I wasn't winded, but the motion of the pedals was surely taking it's toll on these old legs.

We finally came to a stop light, and there was a pub on the corner.  I had to ask, "Is that open?  I've got to get a drink." I wasn't even thinking of pictures at this point, but of course Stef was still on his game to get a picture of me standing at the bar ordering a water.

Now I don't want Stef to think it was all bad.  In fact, I really had a great time.  While it wasn't what I expected, it was nice to get out and see the country side.  It really was one of those trips that the only regret that I have is that I didn't take my camera.  I'd have loved to get pictures of the canals that we drove by, and of the path through the corn fields.  The architecture of the buildings, and of the people that we met along the way.

Dinner in Brussels after the 75Km (46.6 mile) Bike Tour.

The view from where we sat outside the restaurant. I still need to get the name of the church though.


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