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Last Updated: 07 October 2007

Gator Hunting

08 August 2006

07 March 2007

08 March 2007
Daytime pics of the gator. He's 53 inches (134.62 cm)

01 October 2007
Spotted another Gator.

02 October 2007
And now he's been hooked.
Just waiting for the trapper to come get him.

02 October 2007
Well....I learned a valuable lesson today.  It's a Federal Offense to trap a gator.
It doesn't matter if the trappers give you the hook, and tell you that you can do it.  If you call into the Florida Wildlife Commission, and tell them you have a gator on a hook, they will personally pay you a visit.  Since this was my first time, I was given a written warning.  The Official Violation was Harassing an Alligator
I guess swallowing a 4 inch hook is considered harrassment.  Hey, I wasn't the guy that tied the gator up with electrical tape.

06 October 2007
...and now I have another one in the pond.  Maybe he'll just be passing through.