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11 December 2005.

No pictures on this dive, because of the type of entry I was concerned about the camera, but next time I'll have to get some for sure.

This was actually a much better dive that I had expected. Entering on the north end of the beach by the salt water pool, there is a channel that you can enter, then swim to the left along the rocks. Circling around, and exiting back at the entry site. The sea was almost like glass, but starting getting a surge toward the end. In the dive itself, I saw, heaps of large gropers, (they followed us almost the entire dive.) I was so tempted to dig out an urchin to feed them, but resisted the urge. Also memorable things seen on the dive was a green moray, octopus, estuary catfish, (just the tail end of him,) and a wobbegong.