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Last updated: 04 December 2007

Palmetto Florida Home

Before Purchase  A view of the home as it was with the previous owners.


Construction - 8 Jun 2005

Construction - 9 Jun 2005

Construction - 17 Jul 2005
Yeah, I threw in a picture of a sheep that my Aunt brought us.

Construction - 20 Jul 2005

Have to build a maintenance platform for the A/C since it must be at least 5 feet off the ground. The old platform was completely shot, and not even big enough for the new unit.

Construction - 21 Jul 2005
With a lot of help from Jon, I've just about got it finished. The A/C guy came by this morning and took down the old A/C unit. When he opened the access panel he found that a king snake had crawled up in it and electrocuted himself on the circuitry. (Bet he won't do that again.)
The pictures below show the current state of the 'maintenance platform,' but the deck boards are just sitting up there now, and not actually screwed into place.
We had to take a couple of siding boards off the house to get the ledger in place, and discovered they original builder didn't put a vapor barrier all the way down the house, and the under boards are exposed. I'll have to put a strip of paper against the house before putting everything back in place.

Construction - 16 Sep 2005
I've been a bit behind taking pictures, but for the most part you can't really see much difference. The room is now dry walled in, and unexpectedly the carport ceiling is as well.
The pictures below are of the A/C maintenance platform with the A/C on it, (hadn't gotten that picture earlier,) and a picture of my trunk. The reason for the truck picture is because as you can see in the one epicure, it's loaded with the tile that is going into the room. I wanted to show how heavy they are, and if you look closely, you can see that the front of my trunk is raised up.
The electricity is on in the room, and the track lighting works great. The last group of pictures is of the view from the room. The outhouse is sitting in front of where the pond will be seen (as soon as I get the dirt leveled out.) It's dry enough now to spread the dirt, but getting the equipment to do it is a different matter.

Construction - 17 Sep 2005
It's not major progress, but I've got the room painted. Need to clean up the floor next so that I can lay that tile that's sitting in the truck.

After clearing everything out of the room, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, scrapping, sweeping, and vacuuming again here is the room from all 4 corners. It's now 8pm. It's been a long day.
Tomorrow, I'll try my luck at leveling the floor for laying the tile.
Ok, I thought I was done, but I forgot to get the tiles out of the truck. The last pic is of them outside the side door going into the room. 18 boxes and 2 buckets of adhesive.

Construction - 19 Sep 2005
After taking a day off, I worked on the threshold area. The way they put in the original flooring it put it too far back into the room. I need to bring it within the area that the door threshold would go..

Construction - 25 Sep 2005
Just a couple of pictures to give an idea of what the floor is going to look like. So far, I've laid the first half of the floor (less the edges).

Construction - 30 Sep 2005
An update of the floor. I complained about a squeek in the floor, and so their solution was to cut it out.
They also got started on the railing for the porch.
Some pictures of the house at night.

Construction - 03 Oct 2005
The floor got finished being laid yesterday, and the porch railing is a bit further along today.
Added in the ceiling fans in the room.
And a round the house view from the outside.

Construction - 17 Oct 2005
Out of town this week, but they started putting the siding up today, and Debbie sent me this picture of the status so far.

24 March 2007
The original plan was to put up rock facing on the block wall, but since it appears that we won't be keeping the place, I opted for the lesser price and just painted it.

27 May 2007
Working on the back deck now.   I've taken the boards off the bump out and taken down a brace pole from the center of the angled side.  The current idea is to move the bump out down about 8 feet from it's current setting removing the angled side entirely.
The next door neighbor is taking the old deck boards so that's one thing I don't have to dispose of.

28 May 2007
I had to brace up the section where I wanted to keep the joists, because the braces that kept them up had to come down to be replaced correctly.
After that I took down the section over the septic tank.  The following are pictures of the days events.

09 June 2007
Well, I've finally gotten the joists in place.  Now I'm ready to start laying the deck boards.

10 June 2007
I've started laying the deck boards.  At the rate I'm going, it's going to take me another week.

12 November 2007
Status of the stairs I'm working on.

17 November 2007
I wasn't able to work on the railing during the week, because it got dark too early, but I've started on it today.  Taking a break now, and took some pictures to post.
Eventually it got too dark to work anymore, so I'll have to continue tomorrow.

18 November 2007
Some of the sections were longer than I'd calculated, and I was only able to get 1 2x4 length per board purchased, so I ended up running short.  I have to get more 2x4's to finish the last 3 sections.

29 November 2007
Close enough to being finished to call it that for the pictures.  I still have the top rail to put on the stairs, but other than that all the railing is now in place.