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Last Updated: 8 November 2007

Hong Kong - 28 April 2005 - 14 May 2005

I didn't realize it, but the flight took us over the North Pole. Unfortunately, I didn't get the shot that had all the mountains in it, but maybe you can still get the idea.....a LOT of snow.

When I arrived at the hotel, it was getting dark, but I took a couple of shots the following morning from my hotel window. The window isn't the cleanest, so it reflected a bit back.

I really haven't gotten out much, because of having to get things set up at work. Imagine that. I'm in Hong Kong and working too. Hmmm. But Sunday I walked around the block taking a few pictures.

It's Sunday night, (1 May,) Labor Day here. Unfortunately, I didn't expect any fireworks, so I only got a couple at the end.

I finally got out to do a bit of sightseeing. I went to The Peak. It's a location in Hong Kong where you can walk around the top point and see completely around the island. The walk is about 1K long.

On Saturday night, 7 May, I took the bus to Stanley. They have an open air market during the day. Everything was closing as I got there, so I just wandered around. I didn't take my camera, because I was just checking it out ahead of time and planning on going back the following day.
It was during this walk that I met a Chinese man named Wiley. I came across a Temple that had a huge statue of Buddha Sava, and he told me the story of it. He invited me to come back and have lunch with them the next day, and that while it was going to rain, he assured me that when they started chanting that it would not rain there.

On Sunday, I took my camera and went back to take some of the pictures that I'd actually wished I'd been able to take the night before. I worked my way back along the same path I took to get to the temple, and could hear them chanting long before I arrived. It began to rain before I actually got there, and fortunately, the sky didn't open until after I arrived.

Wiley came out in a break in the chanting, and laughing told me that it didn't normally rain when they chanted, and I told him it must have been because I as a doubter had been there.

It has been raining for 3 days now, but around 2pm today it stopped and the sun actually came out. Oh happy days. Unfortunately, I was still working and unable to actually go outside, but I did manage to see the sky through my window. It's still blue, and I could see the sun shining on the buildings across the street from me. The sun is an amazing thing. I don't think I'm going to take it for granted ever again.

I took the ferry across to Kow Loon last night to do some site seeing, and ate dinner at TGIF Hong Kong.
I took several pics, but unfortunately I'm not as good with the camera as i'd like to think I am. The lights were so bright, but the camera knew it was dark and tried to compensate with the flash. It made the pictures way too dark. I tried various setting with the flash, including turning the flash off. Most of the non-flash or delayed flash settings resulted in the shutter speed needing additional time to expose and caused the picture to blur. Being on the ferry with it rocking didn't help that either. However, the colors are what I thought was spectacular, so I kept the pictures for the web.