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Last Updated: 20 December 2007



I can't say enough about the folks at Dive Centre Manly.  They made me feel right at home while I was there, and I'll give a pitch for my instructor, Warwick Rampley.  He taught me everything I know about diving.  Which doesn't mean it's anywhere close to what he knows.  I'm sure that everyone feels that their instructor was the best instructor around, and I guess I'm no exception.  Warwick was a fantastic salesman, because he really seemed genuine.  He made me feel very comfortable learning, and I actually believed that he liked what he was doing.  (Ok, there was supposed to be a joke there.)  He stopped logging his dives somewhere over 3000+, and has had about that many since then.  So it really provided a lot of experience to draw from.  No matter what the question, he either knew the answer, or where to find it.  Generally, he already knew it.

Bare Island, Sydney, AU.  Last updated 18 February 2007

Chapel Steps, Manly, AU.  Last updated 8 December 2006

Fairlight  Last Updated: 7 January 2007

Fairfax Lookout  Last updated 10 May 2003

Fairy Bower  Last updated 16 April 2003

Great Barrier Reef  Last updated 22 April 2003

Harbord Beach.  Last updated 11 December 2005

Little Manly  Last updated 23 December 2006

Merimbula  Last updated 30 April 2003

North Avalon Beach  Last updated 29 December 2002

North Head, Manly.  Last updated 28 November 2006

Palm Beach  Last updated 3 April 2003

Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, AU.  Last updated 05 February 2007

Shark Point.  Last Updated: 14 January 2006

Shell Harbour, AU.  Last Updated: 28 November 2006

Shelly Beach, Manly.  Last Updated: 25 February 2007

Sponge Gardens, Manly, AU.  Last updated 23 December 2006

United States

Dania Erojacks Reef  Last Updated: 16 July 2006

Devil's Den  Last Updated: 18 June 2006

Fantasy Lake  Last Updated: 19 July 2003

I did the following two dives with:  Aquatic Safaris, in Wilmington, NC

Molasses Reef  Last Updated: 27 December 2003

Regina (Sugar Barge)  Last Updated: 13 October 2007

Spanish Rocks  Last Updated: 22 June 2007

Venice Beach  Last Updated: 8 July 2006