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Blue Mountains
Last Updated: 30 January 2007

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains (26 January 2007)

The Jenolan Caves. On Friday, I did the Orient Cave, and then took the drive West to Cowra. I didn't make it as early as I had before, and unfortunately didn't get to see the green parrots that I had before, but I did manage to see some kangaroos, and a wallaby (that was on the side of the road.)

The Orient - 1.5 hour Guided Tour
The Blue Lake
The Grand Arch

The Nettle Cave - 1.5 Hour Self-Guided Tour
The pictures include a (side-tracked) walk that went above the Nettle Cave.

The Great Western Road. Driving West I got to see some kangaroos, a Walloby (just sitting on the side of the road,) and of course the Rose Breasted Cockatoo (Galah).