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Last Updated: 15 June 2008

Johannesburg 2008 Safari

Pilanesberg National Park

7 June 2008
It's just over a hour drive to the park, and we make one stop about half way.

Arriving at the park we changed vehicles to ride in an open air truck.  Fortunately they had blankets in the seats, because it was a cool morning, and the wind wasn't helping.

It wasn't until we actually left the park that we saw the elephants just inside the fence line.  The driver didn't see them as he was busy talking on the phone, but turned around as everyone was screaming for him to stop.

Lunch was part of the day package, so we drove to another park entrance where they had a restaurant.

Sun City is a casino, and water park that they take us to as part of the package.  It's an opportunity to do some expensive gift shopping, or wander around and take pictures of the water park area.  The water park itself was closed for the winter.

The midway point on the journey back was Chameleon Village, (a type of flea market,) with a lot of local crafts.  There was no way to enjoy walking through it, because you were mobbed by everyone trying to "show" you something.