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New Castle, AU

30 December 2005
We took the train from North Sydney to Newcastle. It was an interesting ride with a lot of beautiful scenery.

As for the trip itself, we did have an interesting event that took place. About half way up, we noticed that a lot of young teens (and I mean young, possibly not even teens yet,) were gathering outside the car in front of us around the train toilets. Several were looking around expectently as if they were on the look out for someone coming. My guess was that they were smoking a cigarette or something. Am I ever naive.

After about 20-30 minutes of this, (it's a 3 hour ride,) some police assigned to ride the trains came up to check on what was going on, and a passenger went along with them as well. As soon as the police came into site, the teens scattered to the winds. It was almost comical. The police checked the toilet, and it was locked, so they knocked, and after a minute or so a young guy came out. Again, I assumed that he was smoking, but that's what I get for assuming. A few minutes later a young girl came out. Hmmm, now a picture is starting to form here.

Is that all there is, not quite. The passenger that followed the police up continued to knock on the toilet door. Evidently it was still locked. After another 5-6 minutes another young girl came out looking quite embarrased. The 3 teens were all being giving a good talking to by the police in the car in front of us. We could see them clearly through the door between cars, but obviously were not privy to the conversation.

In he meantime, the concerned passenger in going back to his seat saw me watching intently on things, and paused long enough to explain that they were having a roll in the toilet. Who said that riding trains can't have drama? Wasn't me.