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Last Updated: 27 August 2007


25 August 2007 - (I also want to recognize that this is my parents 51st Anniversary.  In this day and age that is an amazing thing.  They are still very much in love, and I wish them many many more.)

I actually arrived at 9am, but was totally disoriented as to where to go.  I originally stood in a line to get a Metro day pass, but there was an Aussie standing there that suggested the Open Top Tour bus, and said I could catch it out front of the station.  The metro is completely underground and the bus would be a much better way to see Paris.  He didn't mention a color of the bus, nor did he say what time it actually started.  After waiting out front and asking different people, that aparently didn't speak English, (it seemed the only ones that did speak English were the people begging for money,) I gave up and went and stood in the tourist info line.  So between wandering around the station, and standing in a line for tourist info, it was over an hour before I actually got started.

I'm finally on my way.

Since the bus was doing a continuous loop, and only stopped briefly at 9 different locations, I decided to get off and walk for some better pictures. If you reference the tour site map you can see that I got off at stop 8, (the Grand Palais).  From there I walked along the Seine to the Eiffel Tower.

My first view of the Eiffel Tower.  I backed off the zoom in a couple of the pictures to show how far away it actually was.


The Princess Diana Memorial
She died on Sunday, 31 August 1997


I caught the bus again on the far side of the tower, and this time I rode it to stop 3, Musee Du Louvre, (the Louvre Museum)

I wandered back toward the Eiffel Tower again.

The Musse D'Orsay


I found the Rodin Museum, and was going to tour it, but stood in a short line that didn't move for 10 minutes.  Being by myself, and letting my impatience get the better of me I left.  The two pictures that follow are of the statutes that I could see from outside the garden wall.
I really wanted to get a picture of the thinker, but just couldn't see it.


I finally worked out that the bus wasn't ever going to take me back to where I'd gotten on, so I got off at stop 3 again, and started walking back to the station.
While it was a pretty good distance I walked I didn't take many pictures because it wasn't long before I found myself on a street that I didn't want to be seen as a lost tourist.  I kept my camera in a plain plastic bag that looked like I'd been shopping in one of the local shops.
The last picture in this grouping shows the street that I headed down, (I thought it looked interesting,) and soon found myself in the center of the red light district.

I'm now safely back at a restaurant directly across from the Gare du Nord.  It was a really nice experience, and now that I have a feeling about how to get around, I'd love to do it again.  Only this time I'd prefer to share the experience, and spend the entire weekend.