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Last Updated: 08 October 2007

15 November 2004 - Blue
His hatch (birth) day is 7 April 2004.

I've finally bought a Galah. I got him on 13 November 2004, from a breeder near Polk City, FL, and he was so stressed. He's only about 4 months old, but has lost his tail, and looks like he's moulting. Got him to the vet today, and he says he's fine. I've put some pictures I took of him this past Monday, just to remember what he looked like when I got him. Eventually, he'll look a lot better.

12 July 2005 - Blue
I guess it's time I put some more pictures out here. He looks a bit better, but quite frankly he's not much of a talker. In the past year, the only word he says is What?

12 July 2005 - Taco
His hatch (birth) day is 2 April 2004.

Yellow Nape Amazon's are delightful birds. They are natural clowns, and very good talkers.

Taco is our local clown.  When I'm on conference calls for work I have to keep the phone muted, because Taco loves to talk constantly.
He will greet us in the morning with, 'Good Morning' and loves to sing. All day long you can either hear him singing 'Old McDonald had a farm,' including the 'cluck, cluck, here.' because McDonald has a 'green chicken' on that farm. About a week before his birthday, I started singing 'Happy Birthday' to him, and evidently he liked it enough that he now sings it every day.

His vocabulary is quite extensive. Every day I'm surprised at the new things he will come up with. It seems that he only needs to hear something once to be able to repeat it. Obviously, this means we have to be very careful what we say around him.

07 October 2007 - K'os
Dog sitting for my son.