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Last updated 14 January 2006

Shark Point

Shark Point. 14 January 2006.
It wasn't really planned on going to the site. In fact, I was told that this is a site that you can't really plan on going to. You just show up, and if the conditions are right, then you dive it. Otherwise you find another site. I took my camera to take some pictures on the dive, but since it was my first time diving the site, it was strongly recommended that I not take it on this one. The site is considered for experienced divers, and can be quite dangerous in some sea conditions. The entry and exit points can be very tricky, and taking the chance on losing an expensive camera/underwater case would not be a good thing.
     As it turned out the conditions were exceptionally good, and taking the camera would not have been an issue, but then you never know that in advance. Now that I know what to expect, I can estimate if conditions are right for taking a camera the next time I have the opportunity to dive there.
     The link I have above is to a web site that describes shart point in detail as far as what you'll be able to see, and the route that you would take when diving. It also describes pretty well the type of conditions that can exist in the entry and exit points.
    As far was what I saw on the dive, it was mostly the common variety of fish that you see on any dive in Sydney, along with several variety of nudibrachs, a couple of giant cuttlefish, s few of the large blue groper that are always looking for a handout of the many urchins that you'll see in crevices. (I'm still so tempted to pry one out and give to one, but I know that it's not really in the groper's best interest for me to do so.) There were a lot of colorful sponges to see, and under a very narrow crevice, I supposed you could call it a small cave, that went back about 15-20 meters, I saw a large wobbegong. For a site called Shark Point, it was interesting that it was the only shark I saw.