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Last Updated: 25 February 2007

Shelly Beach, Manly, Au

Shelly Beach 2003. - This page is a composite of several dives.  Most of the dives I did while in Sydney were done here.  I actually started diving here in November 2002, but didn't get my camera until 22 March 2003, so the pictures here are covering a period from then until my last dive there on 3 May 2003. 
My favorite animal to photograph was the Weedy Sea Dragon at Shelly Beach, in Manly, AU.  It could be found in about 10 meters of water going out along the outer reef when you enter the water from the right side of the beach.

Shelly Beach 2005. 3, 10 December 2005. I'm back in Sydney for a couple of weeks, and managed to get in 2 dives at Shelly Beach on this trip. While I didn't take my camera along on the dive, the link here it to a description of the site. It was really good to be back. I was really surprised at the change in the underwater landscape. There is a lot more kelp growing along the reef leading out, and I hardly recognized it anymore. The first weekend, the visibility wasn't too good. It had been raining a lot, and we really didn't see much. A few rays, and a wobbegong. The 2nd weekend, was much better. At least 8m vis, and got to see the gropers, and a few more wobby's. Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to find the weedy seadragons that I love to take picutres of so much.

Shelly Beach 2006. Consists of the dives I've done at Shelly over the 2006 year with the last dive on 31 December. I've heard a lot of people say they saw an Angel Shark on dives, but I'd never seen one myself. Well, on my last dive of the year I saw my first one, and fortunately got a picture of him.

Shelly Beach 2007.  Last Updated: 25 February 2007
The new year rolls around, and diving in Sydney is going to consist of a lot more dives at Shelly Beach. As many times as I've dived this site, I never get bored with it. In fact, my dive on 24 January was a rathering interesting one.