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Shelly Beach
Last Updated: 1 January 2007

Shelly Beach, Manly, Au - 2006

21 January 2006
Ok, I'm up to my 85th dive with this one, and it was spectacular as far a dives go. We've had quite a bit of rain in Sydney the past week, but it started clearing up Friday, and today (Saturday) it was fantastic. I was really surprised that the visibility was around 8-10 meters easily. And I finally found the Weedy Sea dragons again. I went diving with a mate from work, and an older gentleman that I just met that day in the shop. There is some guessing about his age, but he was an excellent diver, and not only would I go diving with him again, if I had the opportunity, but I hope that I'm still diving when I reach his age. On this dive we saw several weedy sea dragons, an estuary catfish, heaps of wobbegongs, a few blue gropers, one of which was huge. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of him with someone close to him for a size comparison, but he was the biggest I'd ever seen.

7-8 October 2006 (Dive 98-100)
Not going to talk about dive 100.

28 October 2006 (Dive 102)
Dive 101 was a night dive at Fairlight, where the pictures didn't come out at all.

5 November 2006 (Dives 103-104)

18 November 2006 (Dive 108-109)
Dives 105-107 had camera issues, ok the camera had operator issues.

19 November 2006 (Dives 110-111)

25 November 2006 (Dive 113)

29 November 2006 - Night Dive (Dive 116)

26 December 2006 - (Dive 121)
Visibility was not very good on this dive, and I stumbled across this octopus. It was out in the open on the sand.

28 December 2006 (Dive 122-123)
Much better dive visibility than Tuesday. And the water is getting warmer again. The 4th and 5th picture here have been described as looking like a black banana peel, but when looking closely at it, you can see a tubular looking worm with feathery hairs along the sides of it. I couldn't work out what it was, and I had asked several people in the shop and no one had a clue. On the next dive I came across another one of these and being determined to find out more about it, I waved my hand over it disturbing the sand. Nothing happened, so I started digging in the sand slightly, and it didn't retract like it would have if it had been a worm. Ultimately, I just started to dig it out, and pushed on the sand several times and found it to be very spongy. On about the 3rd or 4th push, I got a jolt that went up to my elbow. ....mystery has been solved. It's a numb ray. LOL

29 December 2006 (Dive 124)
Diving on the left side of Shelly, here are some of the things seen.

30 December 2006 (Dive 125-126)

31 December 2006 (Dive 127)
It was so cool to come up on the Angel Shark.