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Shelly Beach, Manly, Au - 2007

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Shelly Beach
Last Updated: 25 February 2007

Google Satelite View of Shelly Beach

24 January 2007 (Night Dive)

My 2nd dive of the year at Shelly Beach. Unfortunately, my 1st dive the camera mount base came out of the camera and I had to take it in to get it fixed.

This was actually an interesting dive. I took the lead, and went out to the location for the weedy sea dragons. One of the other divers spotted 2 of them together, and I got a few pics of that, but it was the trip back that got to be a little interesting.

Since the group was good on air, we had gone out a bit farther along the reef that I'd been before, and at the turn around I took a southwest tack. It was almost immediately that we ran into some huge boulders. I knew this was the reef that we needed to follow back, but didn't realize how far we actually were out.

I continued to follow the southwest heading, but never came back to the edge of the reef, and the huge boulders seemed to continue on forever, and we were getting shallower still. In looking at the depth on my computer I saw I was now only about 2 meters down, and looking up could easily see the surface. So I decided to go up and just look at where we were in relationship to shore. Off in the distance I could see the boardwalk lights, and knew that Shelly Beach was around the corner. We were about 600 meters out with the distance around the corner, and having to take an approach directly West to get around the reef.

These pictures are unretouched, and I've simply put them all here. The good, the bad and the ugly.

18 February 2007

Visibility and the surge was really bad on the dive today.  In the dive today I learned how much I rely on visual cues as much as the compass to locate specific points.  I tried to find the outer reef, and after finding the middle reef I was unable to locate it.   From some location between the reefs I headed directly south hoping to run into it, but only ended up on the sea grass that I knew was near the motorbike.  Following the Western edge of the grass, I eventually came to the Southern edge of it, and I knew it still had to be further South, but in order to make sure I ultimately surfaced just to get my bearing, and found that I was actually Southwest of the bike by about 30 meters.  Descending again, I could now easily locate the bike.  Ok, so I'm going to work some more on my compass skills than just the general directions and visual cues.

21 February 2007 - Night Dive

This was actually a very nice dive.  The water was like glass, but best of all the PJ's (Port Jackson's) are back.  I got a picure of a few, along with some of the other usual suspects.  Also saw a huge numray, (no I didn't touch it,) and it ducked under a bounder before I had a chance to get a picture.
I'm still working on the lighting, but until I get back here with my external light I believe that most night pictures are going to remain dodgy at best.

Ok, here's the numbray. If you look closely, you can see his tail end just before it disappears under the rock.

Nothing more fun than seeing an australian opossum with no fear of humans walking on a picnic table looking for food after a night dive.

24 February 2007

Dive 1
The clarity of the water is holding out from Wednesday night's dive. It was truly spectacular.

Going down the left side of Shelly Beach we saw 3 of the infamous sharks.

Thought it might be interesting to take a picture of some of the swimmers over the top of us.

Dive 2
Dived the left side again, but the visibility was going down hill. Still pretty good though. On this dive we got to see 5 sharks.

Dive 3
On the right side the visibility got really bad, especially after we rounded the head. It was useless to even attempt pictures until we got back to the inner reef.

The juvenile stripped catfish are always interesting to watch. The first picture is of a small group that, (I assume,) had strayed from the main group. After taking the picture I followed them back to the main group, and couldn't help but think of the Borg from Startrek, as they assimilated into the swarm.

Took a few more pictures of swimmers, and as you can see, one guy even thought it was pretty cool too. the old "thumps up".