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Last Updated: 19 February 2007

Sydney Walkabout

On Christmas Day (25 December 2006) with dive shops, and most shops to be able to do anything closed, I decided to do some tourist stuff again.

Manly Area

Circuar Quay Area

Queen Victoria Building

Bondi Area

Manly - 16 February 2007  

I had heard there were Blue Bottle jellyfish at Manly, and wanted to go check it out for a couple of reasons.  I've never seen them before, but also I wanted to dive at Shelly Beach which is directly across from Manly Beach.  I walked to Shelly and didn't find anything, but Manly had some the entire length of the beach.  Here are some photos of what they look like washed up on the beach.
At the end of the walk, got a cool picture of a sand castle as I was leaving the beach.
Based on the following link, you may understand why I had such an interest in them.
Blue Bottle